Dallas Texas and Plano Texas senior pictures and portraits; scroll down for tips for Dallas Texas high school senior pictures. Look through our senior pictures galleries located on the navigation bar at the top of your screen Dallas senior pictures and Plano senior pictures photographers,Dallas and Plano high school senior portrait photography,clothing, makeup and hair tips for the best senior portraits. This senior portrait studio serves high school senior students from Plano East Senior High, Prestonwood Christian Academy, Plano Senior High School, Carrollton Christian Academy, Trinity Christian Academy, PESH, Plano High School, Plano West, Allen High School, Lucas Christian Academy, Richardson, Frisco Centennial,Frisco, Prestonwood Academy, Bishop Lynch, McKinney North,McKinney Boyd, Dallas First Baptist Academy, Ursuline Academy, John Paul II High School in Plano, Willowbend Academy, The Alexander School in Dallas, Coppell H. S., Wylie High, Sasche High School, Dallas Math and Science Magnet, Richardson,Berkner,Allen,Rockwall and Wylie



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Senior Secrets

Dallas and Plano senior pictures and portraits; senior secrets - tips for Dallas Texas high school senior pictures

LOOKING GOOD..Dallas Senior Pictures tips

Senior girls and guys should have fingernails clean and filed. Remove chipped nail polish; it will show. Black and blue fingernail polish keeps popping up as a fashion trend. Don't wear either for your senior portraits, it's too trendy; it'll make your fingernails look odd and they'll look even stranger 20 years from now. Neon polishes may draw too much attention to your fingernails or tonails and may clash with some of your outfits. Girls really should stick to neutral tones, light to mid pink is a good choice. Look at this senior picture example on The Ann Martin Photography Blog Neon Polish in Dallas senior pictures

Oily skin, especially on your face really is the enemy, oil will show up as unattractive shiny spots on your face in pictures,(especially on your forehead). Wear a foundation makeup that doesn't have oil in it and if you do have oily skin, refresh your makeup with translucent powder during the shoot. You can also buy face blotters at the beauty supply or at your makeup counter. They're good for absorbing excess oil while leaving your makeup intact.

Don't use makeup with spf protection in it for your portrait session. Makup or "base" or foundation that contains spf protection has a reflective quality, i.e. it looks shiny in pictures. Don't use it for portraits because it will photograph as a big shiny spots on your face, have you seen photos where the senior's face is a much lighter shade than the rest of her skin? Well, it's probably because of the spf in her base makeup.

Use a fresh tube of mascara so you don't have clumps. Your eyelashes are going to show in closeups and mascara clumps look awful and can't be "fixed" in photoshop. Look at this photo example:CLICK HERE - Ann Martin Photography blog mascara in senior pictures

Eyeshadows and Eyeliners: Neutral eye shadow colors, such as grays and browns are best. Avoid pastel shades and especially highly frosted shadows.

Don't use lotions, eyeshadows, blush, or anything else with glitter in it. Highly frosted eyeshadow will do the same thing, it'll show up as tiny white spots all around your eyes. I've been seeing a lot of heavily frosted shadows lately, and they don't photograph well. Glitter will also show up in your pictures as little white spots all over your face or skin. If you use any lotion at all, make sure it isn't oily. Oily lotion, or excess lotion of any kind, especially on your face will show up as shine. Remember, we want to avoid shine on your face, in your senior pictures.

Chapped or cracked lips are going to show in your senior portrait. Moisturize your lips BEFORE your session, make sure they're in good shape. Don't wear super glossy lipsticks or lipgloss because they'll make huge white spots from the r>
shine on your lips where the light hits it.

It's nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits however keep in mind that too much jewelry can be distracting. Pendant type necklaces will be tough to keep in the proper place when you move around as you pose. The pendant will often not be centered and this might bother you when you see the result in your portrait. Organize jewelry by putting it in baggies and slipping over the coordinating outfit hangers so you won't be hunting around for, or forgetting specific pieces when changing from outfit to outfit. Seniors will want their outfit changes to be as fast and stress free as possible to best make use of the alloted time for their senior picture session.

Girls should shave under your arms the day of your photo session; many poses we do with senior girls have their arms over their head and if you're wearing sleevless tops, stubble will show and it won't look pretty.

Boys should make sure to shave their beards for the same reason.

Don't use a lot of hairspray, gel or other product in your hair when you come in for your senior pictures. Your hair should move with you when you tilt your head and blow nicely in the breeze. If you've got a lot of product in your hair it won't move with you.

Don't forget to take that pony tail holder off your wrist.Many a good senior portrait has been ruined by the dreaded pony tail holder on the wrist.

Don't get a last minute haircut or hairstyle change. Give your hair a week or so to grow in a bit from a haircut.

Don't forget your hairbrush or comb!
You can also bring your curling iron, your straightner and or your electric curlers to the indoor portion of the senior photo session. We'll allow time for you to primp as much as you like.Suntanning Lines and Burns
Sunburns are nearly impossible, if not impossible to "fix" or retouch. Suntan lines are also tricky so you should vary your shirt sleeves and bathing suit tops when tanning to avoid the lines.

Don't spray tan before a session, it will photograph orange and it will probably be blotchy, you know, darker at the knees, elbows, hairline and other dry skin areas. Blotchy can't be retouched. And orange skin does not look good. I see a lot of senior pictures with orange skin and I know that ten years down the road, they're really going to regret that. Often, things are overlooked because their trendy now, tends to look ridiculous down the road.

It's really best not to overtan even if you do your tanning with the sun. There's a reason models don't tan much, untanned or lightly tanned skin just looks better.

Short skirts or dresses really limit your posing options, so think carefully before chosing a lot of this type of clothing. It's a good idea to vary your clothing styles, so you won't want to bring all short skirts, or dresses, bring some jeans and slacks too. Don't bring five long sleeved tshirts or five tank tops in different colors, Vary the clothing styles, you'll have better senior pictures when you start with a varied wardrobe and you'll be glad you have more choices when it's all said and done.

The right clothing allows your face to dominate the portrait, all other elements in your picture should be secondary. So, our goal, is for the faces to be prominent, not the clothes.

For this reason, we discourage busy patterns and bright colors in your clothing, they'll do the same thing, draw the eye to the clothes instead of the subject.

NEVER wear a lighter colored pant with a darker colored shirt; to do so, will make your bottom half look larger than your top and thats not a good look for males or females. Visit CLICK HERE - Ann Martin Photography blog and look at the examples, they'll make a believer out of you.

Avoid busy, or loud patterns and most of all, large, busy or loud patterns because they'll overwhelm your face in your senior photograph.

The focus of your senior portrait session should be YOU, not your clothes.

Big horizontal stripes will add at least a dress size to your looks as well as distract from your face, don't wear them. Large and or busy patterns will do the same.

Big logos across your chest are not only distracting, they're going to date your portraits. In twenty years, are you REALLY going to want everyone to know exactly how old you are? Do you REALLY want your kids asking you, "what were you thinking?"

Strive for a classic, timeless look, something that will be in style now as well as 20 years from now.

Choose varying styles of clothing; you need some different looks. If you bring 5 tank tops, even if they're different colors, it's still going to look boring, so change it up, bring some shirts with different necklines, bring some clothing that's casual, some dressy and some in between looks too. Sweaters, and other garments with texture are a good choice. Jackets can be added or taken off for a completely different look so they are a very good idea to include in your senior photo shoot wardrobe. Include scarves and hats to add more different looks from your outfits.

Wrinkles WILL show in your portraits. If your eye can see wrinkles, the camera will "see" them more. Iron your clothes if necessary and bring them in on a hanger, (we don't provide irons at the studio, this needs to be done before you come). Please, please make sure your clothing is clean. Dirty necklines or cuffs are going to show, really they will show. High school seniors need to plan ahead for their portraits by choosing their portrait wardrobe and making sure it's clean and pressed well before the night before their senior picture session. Your senior pictures are only going to be as good as the combined effort of your senior portrait photographer and you. You cannot expect the photographer to work a miracle and make your clothes perfect if you haven't done your part. Hey, this is a camera, not a magic wand!

Girls need to try on the clothing they're bringing to their senior pictures session with the undergarments they'll be wearing. Make sure you're bringing the proper undergarments for each outfit. For instance, be careful of clingy knit tops and the bras with the hard cups because these bras tend to show under clingy knits. Bring a strapless bra if necessary, a nude colored bra and a black bra, if necessary

I mostly discourage clients from wearing white shirts for most portraits, because white tends to draw the viewers eye, and detracts your eye from the face of the subject unless it's worn against a white, or very light, backdrop.For a photo example, look at our Blog entry, don't wear a white shirt If you still want to wear a white shirt, tell your photographer and Ann will let you know when you have an appropriate background to wear that shirt. White shirts will look good, maybe even great, but they have to be worn against the right background or setting and that setting would be one where the background is the same tonal value as the shirt.

Bright white tennis shoes will stand out as well and draw the viewiers eye to your feet! For this reason, don't wear white sneakers.
Long sleeves or sleevless shirts are best. If you're concerned about the size of your upper arms, then of course, you'll want to wear long sleeves. Mostly, you should know that short sleeves visually cut the arm in two, short sleeves should be avoided except in the most casual of photographs, however three quarter sleeves are fine. You must do your part on these basic clothing suggestions so your senior photographer can do their part to help show you at your best in your senior pictures.

Of course there are always exceptions, if your favorite outfit in the world falls under any of these catagories, bring it and we'll use it for a few poses with a carefully chosen background.

Remember, classic styles are best, a style that looks good now and will look good twenty years from now is optimum. You won't want to have YOUR children saying,"MOM, (or DAD), what were you thinking?", as they look at your senior portraits!

Homecoming - Holidays - College
Fall is busy with homecoming, homecoming dress shopping, football games, shopping for or making that homecoming mum, thanksgiving holidays, fall break, college visits, volleyball games, basketball games, and the holidays...don't fall into that trap of thinking you'll "schedule your senior portrait appointment later..." if you HATE YOUR SENIOR PHOTOS FROM THE SCHOOL CONTRACT GUY or if you think you won't have time to do your graduation portraits this summer... you'll have less time in the fall and even less time than that come spring....the reality is your senior year will be over in the blink of an eye. Springtime is crazy busy and expensive with spring break and prom, buying announcements, prom dresses and tuxes, renting limos, buying graduation caps and gowns and paying for cotillions and debutante balls. Take your portraits in the summertime while it's green and pretty... or if you can't swing summer, at least in the fall before you hit up mom and dad for that fabulous prom dress... or beg for the new car for graduation... before this studio fills it's appointment book while there's still time for you to get them back in time so you can mail them out with your graduation announcements. NOW while there's still time to get them back in time to submit for the senior slideshow AND to have your OWN slideshow to play at your graduation party / bash. You need to have your senior pictures early so you can have them to include with your sorority recommendation letters. You're going to want to have them before the school year ends so you can pass them out to all your friends, many of whom will be scattering after graduation. Did I mention that NOW is the time to call for your appointment?

Senior Ads - Sorority Recruitment
Get your senior portraits made early so you have them for Senior ads in the yearbook (most yearbook ads are due in October and November so you'll need to schedule your graduation photography session several months ahead of time), and the football program, (this is texas and we all know everybody's at the football games and everybody's going to see your senior pictures in the ad's), and all of your activity banquet videos. You'll also want to have them to include in your college applications. Eventually you're going to need them for sorority and fraternity recruitment (rush).

Don't forget the junior senior banquet. When your senior portrait is flashed up there on the big screen for EVERYBODY to see, you're going to want to look amazing. Our portrait photography studio serves a small, select group of seniors. You need to make your appointment EARLY. Every year, we are forced to turn away last minute requests, we simply cannot serve everybody. Make sure we have a slot for YOU, call NOW. Seriously, call NOW.

Something Different
You already know you want something better and different than the usual boring photos. Ann Martin Photography is not an ordinary studio. Ann offers many extraordinary services at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to her clients. Retouching is always included in the price; free portrait consultations are offered so you know exactly what to wear and exactly what your session will include.
Clothes, What to Wear For Your Senior Pictures...and more Importantly........What Not to Wear For Your Senior Pictures
We'll tell you how to flatter yourself with your clothes, what to wear and what to avoid so there's no guesswork, no worries. We not only tell you, we show you examples of clothes that work and clothes that don't. You can see for yourself and you'll know that Ann Martin Photography is going to help you have the best graduation portraits you ever imagined.
We offer complimentary refreshments.... your dressing room is stocked for your convenience. No paying extra for each outfit or for portraits with your brother, sister, friend or pet.... everything is included in the sitting fee.

Personal Touch
Ann personally retouches and performs all the final artwork to your images, retouching is not left up to some anonymous lab employee who really does't care. Every image is enhanced; every blemish disappears, allowing the real you to shine through.

Studio Hours on your Schedule
Studio hours are tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Saturday, Sunday and evening appointments are available. (evening appointments for consultations and viewing/ordering) We have a large dressing room with a lighted make-up mirror for close-ups, a cheval mirror for the full view and a refrigerator stocked with refreshments for your convenience.

Before you choose your senior portrait photographer, talk to any of our previous clients, they are our best advertisement. Look through our senior galleries and find someone you know, find a Dallas senior and ask about their senior pictures experience at our photography studio. We're proud of our senior photography work and our extraordinary customer service to Dallas Texas seniors.

Ann Martin Guarantee
Ann guarantees her work; you are going to love your senior portraits from Ann Martin Photography. (Did I mention we have free snacks and cold drinks?)

How Many Of Your Friends Will Be Disappointed In Their Senior Portraits Once They've Seen Yours ? Treat your senior photography experience, like the treasure it is. Seek out the best photographer you can find. Ann Martin Photography understands how priceless these portraits are to you and your family.

Senior Details

The session fee is $150.00, for our senior portrait session. This includes, studio, multiple outdoor locations, activities, cap and gown if you wish and formal, buddy, boyfriend/girlfriend, your brother or sister, your family, pets and more. Your clothing changes aren't limited, change as often as you like. Your photo shoot will last about four uninterrupted and unhurried hours. You'll get the time you deserve in order to look your best. You'll get an unequaled variety in your portraits at this Dallas Texas and Plano Texas photography studio

Session fee's don't apply to your order or the minimum order, which is $600.00., Price sheets will be promtly e-mailed upon your e-mail request. YOUR SITTING FEE INCLUDES A SESSION OF ABOUT FOUR HOURS, CONSISTING OF...

... Portraits that capture your personality, and style with characteristics that are meaningful and special to you. Bring props that help define who you are. Like to shop? Bring shopping bags from your favorite stores; if you're an avid reader, bring your favorite books, If you're a musician, bring your instrument and or sheet music etc.

Location... A photo safari that takes you from the back alleys of downtown Plano to various scenic locations; we'll visit waterfalls, ponds, tall stone walls, and ponds- have a special idea? Discuss it with Ann, we accommodate special requests if possible and we absolutely love it when you get involved with your creative input.

Activities... BRING It! Musical instruments- costumes- uniforms- sports equipment- homecoming or prom dresses- pets- best friends- hobby- boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, family, etc.

Your FREE Consultation Our free consultation ensures that you know exactly what to expect, you'll watch a recent senior slideshow and get to see all the locations and you'll see for yourself what that senior wore: what worked and what didn't. You'll get to see the ENTIRE set of proofs from a senior session, not just a few images.

The bottom line is this, we believe your senior portraits are the best part of graduating. They're not just "pictures", but works of art with YOU as the subject. To achieve this it takes time, LOTS OF TIME, attention and personal service!! You'll find the special attention, personal service and creative, trendy, and classic too, styles you crave.

You can choose to come in for a complimentary consultation, or you can make an appointment after browsing this site. Appointments are written in the books when the full sitting fee is received. You can pay your fee over the phone by Master Card or Visa, or you can send us a check and we'll write you in upon receiving it.


n. Folklore consisting of stories often thought to be factual by those circulating them. Urban legends are often distorted, or false, and are exaggerated or sensationalized.


1. Everybody has to buy their pictures from the same photographer that takes the yearbook pictures.

You only have to take the yearbook photo at the school photographer's studio. You DON'T have to buy your senior portraits from the same studio. You can choose the photographer where you actually purchase the portraits that you'll send out in your announcements and probably use for sorority recruitment or rush, the pictures your mom is going to hang on the wall, AND the wallets you're going to share with your friends. You get to decide how you'd like to be photographed and where you'd like to be photographed for your senior portraits. Why doesn't the school tell you that? Because they get a percentage of the sales from the yearbook guy. They are ok with you having the same old boring pictures that the whole school has, because they get a little extra cash.

Only your yearbook photo must be made by
the contract photographer.

Do you let your school decide who cuts your hair or where you have to buy your prom dress? Why let them tell you who takes your senior portraits. Now that you're a senior, its time to make your own decisions. Your school decided who took your photograph for the last eleven years, now it's your turn.

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